Outstanding Athletic Administrators


This award is presented to an athletic administrator recognized in the community as a leader who maintains athletics as an integral part of the total education program.  He/She shall administer an exemplary athletic program making full use of school and community resources and involving as many students as possible.  All members of the FIAAA are eligible for this award.  There is only one nomination per district per year.  If there is more than one nomination from a district, the district director will determine the nominee from that district.  Prior to 2010, this award was the Athletic Administrator of the Year Award and was re-named the Dr. Clarence Noe Athletic Administrator of the Year Award in 2010.  The Awards and Recognition will narrow the number of selections to not more than three and present that slate to the Executive Board for final determination.

The FIAAA is proud to announce the 2023 recipient of the Dr. Clarence Noe Athletic Administrator of the Year:

Jay Getty, Athletic Director from Hagerty High School with FIAAA Executive Director Andy Chiles and FIAAA President Marcus Gabriel

Jay Getty, CAA

Upon graduation from the University of Central Florida in 1991, Jay Getty embarked upon the beginning of an ongoing 32-year career in education, serving the Oviedo community at both Oviedo High School (14 Years) and Hagerty High School (18 Years). Over the last 25 years, Getty has served within the athletic ad ministrative teams at both schools as an Assistant AD and an Athletic Director. At Oviedo High School, Getty served as the AD from 2001-2005. Presently, he continues to serve as the Athletic Director at Hagerty High School (2013-Present). Overall, his experience blends 10 years as an Assistant AD and 15 years in the AD role to provide leadership to both the school administrative team and the athletic teams at Hagerty High School. In 2020, Getty earned his CAA Designation and in 2021 was the NIAAAState Award of Merit winner for the FIAAA.

As an administrative leader, he is active in FIAAA, FACA, and the FHSAA organizations. For the Florida Athletic Coaches Association, Getty is entering his 4th year as that State Track and Field Chairman. Within the Florida Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, he has served as a District Director, an LTI Instructor, a Conference Presenter, a member of the Executive Board as the Treasurer, and in 2023 will transition into the VP role for the Association. For the Florida High School Athletic Association, Getty has served on the Cross Country Advisory Committee, Track and Field Advisory Committee, Athletic Director Advisory Committee and was most recently elected to the Section 2 Public Seat for the FHSAA Board of Directors. In the sports of Track and Field and Cross Country, a 32-year coaching career continues to this day. In 2017, the National High School Athletic Coaches Association recognized him as a finalist (Top 8) for Girls Cross Country. In Cross Country, he is a Mime Coach of the Year recipient and in 2022 was recognized as the Florida Track and Field Hall of Fame – Boys Cross Country Coach of the Year. In Cross Country, under Getty’s leadership, the Oviedo Lions and Hagerty Huskies have been represented at the FHSAA State Finals 25 times. Between both sports, the programs have earned numerous conference, district, and regional team titles to go along with 8 individual state championships. The most recognizable athlete, Jenny Simpson, went on to earn a World Championship in 2011 and an Olympic Bronze Medal in 2016 at the 1500 meter distance in track and field. In all, once you include years as a soccer coach from 1991 to 2003 at OHS and 2005 to 2009 at HHS, as a head coach and assistant coach, he has served in the coaching world for 80 seasons.

A big believer in the statement, “Luck is the direct result of hard work, it puts you in the right place at the right time.” In 2015, he provided CPR compressions to a fallen Lake Mary parent at a regional cross country event that helped save his life. In 2016, he was able to assist with an on campus CPR incident involving a student. And, in 2022 at Lake Brantley High School, Getty assisted in the AED role to save the life of a spectator entering the contest.

A 2010 Teacher of the Year at Hagerty High School, Jay Getty has blended the roles of teacher, coach, and administrator to serve the Oviedo community, the FACA, the FlAAA, and the FHSAA.
While a small portion of him remains a Lion, he will always be a Husky.


Previous Recipients

Year Awarded / Recipient / Representing / Conference City
1979-80 / Paul Straub / Tampa Jesuit High / Lakeland
1981-82 / Wayne Williamson / Hillsborough County Schools / Lakeland
1982-83 / Chuck Holland / Hillsborough High / Kissimmee
1983-84 / Bob Williams / Colonial High / Orlando
1984-85 / Tom Stoll / St. Stephen’s Episcopal / Ft. Lauderdale
1985-86 / Wayne Taylor / Miami Palmetto Sr. High / Daytona Beach
1986-87 / C.H. McKinnon / Lake Worth High / Tampa
1987-88 / Cooper Means / Orange County Schools / Orlando
1988-89 / Carol Dagostino / Tampa Prep / Marco Island
1989-90 / Bob Hosak / Pinellas County Schools / Tampa
1990-91 / Joan Falsone / Hillsborough County Schools / Ft. Lauderdale
1991-92 / Wally Keller / Charlotte High / Daytona Beach
1992-93 / Bill Blakemore, CAA / Lely High / Tampa
1993-94 / Vernon Korhn / Hillsborough County Schools / Deerfield Beach
1994-95 / Wayne Story, CAA / Miami-Dade County Schools / Boca Raton
1995-96 / Mike Leeds / Ft. Pierce Central High / Grenelefe
1996-97 / Ron Balazs, CAA / Miami Coral Park Sr. High / Clearwater
1997-98 / Don Bridges / Polk County Public Schools / Grenelefe
1998-99 / Tommy St. Amant / Bay County Schools / Clearwater
1999-00 / Donna Blumer, CAA / Dixie Hollins High / Tampa
2000-01 / Ronnie Youngblood / Leon County Schools / Ft. Lauderdale
2001-02 / Cheryl Golden / Miami-Dade County Schools / Naples
2002-03 / Danny Ninestine / Port St. Lucie High / Orlando
2003-04 / Jerry Bourg / University High / Naples
2004-05 / Dave Horner, CAA / Forest High / Orlando
2005-06 / Trish Highland / Orange County Schools / Daytona Beach
2006-07 / George Phelan, CAA / Miami Sunset Senior High School / Orlando
2007-08 / Dan Comeau, CMAA / Treasure Coast High School / Orlando
2008-09 / Michael Colby, CMAA / Hialeah-Miami Lakes SHS/FHSAA / Orlando
2009-10 / Joel Furnari / South Dade Senior High School / Orlando
2010-11 / E. Michael Stutzke, CMAA / Sebastian River High School / Orlando
2011-12 / Andrew Chiles III, CMAA / Lake Nona High School / Orlando
2012-13 / Dianne Sanzari / Coral Springs High School / Orlando
2013-14 / Ricky Bell / Leon County Schools / Orlando
2014-15 / Lanness Robinson, CMAA / Hillsborough County Schools / Orlando
2015-16 / Russell Wambles, CMAA / Dr. Phillips High School / Orlando
2016-17 / Jody Phillips, CAA / Marion County Schools / Orlando
2017-18 / Michael Brown / Winter Park High School / Orlando
2018-19 / Jerry Kelly, CAA / Lake Brantley High School / Orlando
2019-20 / Tammie Talley, CAA / Duval County Public Schools / Orlando (recognized in 2021)
2021-22 / Carlos Ochoa / Hialeah Gardens Senior High School / Orlando