FACA & Insurance Benefits


  1. Registration for all FACA Sports Clinics for one year.
  2. All-Star Game nominating, voting and admission to games.
  3. Awards program whereby members are recognized for outstanding work.
  4. Assist with job opportunities.
  5. Sports open date scheduling.
  6. Admission to athletic contests (regular season).
  7. One Million Dollar Professional Liability Coverage for coaching assignment(s) and in classroom.
  8. Insurance plan at greatly reduced prices.
  9. Research services such as salary supplement and staff development.
  10. Assistance in staff problems.
  11. Consultant services to Athletic Directors, Principals and Superintendents.
  12. A forum for members to present problems, ideas, suggestions, and recommendations for improvement of the athletic programs in Florida.
  13. Food and refreshments at District and State level meetings.
  14. Speakers Bureau.
  15. Inservice Points at FACA Clinics and Seminars.
  16. The opportunity to join your fellow coaches in advancing the cause of athletics and athletic coaches in the State of Florida.


FACA Insurance Benefits

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Insurance Letter on Camps

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