Leadership Training

In 1977, the following goals were established for the organization:

  • Promote professional and personal growth of athletic administrators
  • Provide the opportunity to participate and provide outreach to others in the field
  • Provide educational programs for the membership promoting the philosophy and benefits
  • Emphasize quality in all operations provided to the membership

Leadership Training epitomizes the organizational mission. These principles, paramount in 1977, are most evident in the development of the Leadership Training curriculum and a program through which athletic administrators can obtain four different levels of certification. It is up to each individual athletic administrator to participate in the educational offerings and certification program of the NIAAA. Each athletic administrator has the opportunity to take LTI courses and to become eligible as a state or national instructor.

Leadership training is one of the vehicles that the NIAAA has developed for preparing athletic administrators to professionally meet the challenges within the local school and community. The purpose of leadership training is to present best practices in use today that will better prepare the athletic administrator to offer quality programs, and participation opportunities for students across the country. Certification offers an opportunity for the athletic administrator to continue a program of professional and personal growth and development. Athletic administrators are encouraged to participate in the NIAAA Leadership Training Institute either at the state or national level.