In cooperation with the NIAAA, the FIAAA offers opportunities for members to enhance their position as an Athletic Administrator by offering NIAAA LTC courses at the Annual State Conference, as well as county or regional training sessions. The Professional Networking Committee will develop a schedule of course offerings and these will be posted when they become available.  In an effort to offer certification opportunities, LTC 502, 503, 504, 506, 508 and 510 will be offered at every conference, as well as two or three 600 and 700 level courses.

The FIAAA LTI & Certification Coordinators are available to answer any of your questions, they are:

Dan Talbot, CMAA
Polk County Public Schools
(863) 661-0647

Lanness Robinson, CMAA
Hillsborough County Public Schools
(813) 273-7536

Scott Drabczyk, CMAA
Horizon High School
(407) 554-1821