Schools Missing 2018-19 Sports Rosters

According to the FHSAA records as of August 24, 2018, 10:00AM EST, the attached document shows the schools that failed to comply with Policy 11 and have yet to enter their sport rosters into Home Campus:

As a reminder:

11.1 Sport Rosters

11.1.1 Initial Sport Roster. Member schools must submit to the FHSAA, utilizing the official Association process as approved by the Executive Director, their initial varsity and sub-varsity sports rosters for each sport by the first regular season playing date permitted in that sport. Rosters can continue to be added to and deleted from during the regular season and the state series prior to a contest. A member school may not add to or delete from a sport roster during the contest. Permitting a student-athlete to compete in an interscholastic contest prior to his/her name being submitted to the FHSAA on a sport roster, may subject the school a monetary penalty of a minimum of $50 per student and/or other sanctions

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