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FIAAA Annual Meeting (May 2, 2022)

Attendees at the FIAAA Annual Meeting on Monday, May 2, 2022 will vote on two changes to the FIAAA Constitution and the slate of officers presented by the Nominating Committee for the 2022-23 administrative year.

The proposed changes to the FIAAA Constitution are as follows:


     I. Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President shall be the most immediate available Past President, as per paragraphs D and O of this Section.  The Immediate Past President shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence or inability to act.  Once he/she has completed his/her term as the Immediate Past President, he/she is no longer eligible to hold a position on the Executive Board, unless elected as per Article VI, Section I, Paragraph I and as permitted in Article IV, Section I, Paragraph D or as Historian.  He/she shall be responsible for carrying out all duties of the Immediate Past President so listed in the FIAAA Handbook.

Rationale:  Clarifies language to indicate that the Immediate Past President must be available to serve on the Executive Board as per Article IV, Section I, Paragraph D and O, i.e., must be an active athletic administrator.


    H. Awards and Recognition Committee

The President shall appoint an Awards and Recognition Committee to develop programs and/or initiatives to recognize members and non-members of the association for their contributions to the association, and/or athletic administration and/or sportsmanlike behavior or initiatives.

    M.Sportsmanship Committee.

The President will appoint a Sportsmanship Committee and chairperson that will develop, implement and oversee a Sportsmanship Program of the association, which could include, but not limited to, a recognition program of deserving schools and/or student athletes and/or coaches.

Renumber subsequent sub-sections

Rationale:  Combines two committees that are doing basically the same thing, as it relates to recognizing individuals for their contributions and helps to streamline the committee structure of the association.

The Nominating Committee is presenting the following slate of officers for the 2022-23 administrative year:

  • President – Marcus Gabriel, CAA – Athletic Director, American Senior High School
  • President-Elect – Valerie Miyares, CAA – County Athletic Director, Palm Beach County Public Schools
  • Vice President – Doug Patterson, CAA – County Athletic Director, Orange County Public Schools
  • Immediate Past President – Rocky Gillis, CAA – County Athletic Director, Broward County Public Schools
  • Secretary – Tammy Talley, CAA – County Athletic Director, Duval County Public Schools
  • Treasurer – Jay Getty, CAA – Athletic Director, Hagerty High School
  • Chaplain – Ron Allan – Athletic Director, Lecanto High School
  • Historian – Scott Drabczyk, CMAA – Athletic Director, Horizon High School

Conference information

“Re-Engaging the Student-Athlete in 2022”

This year’s 44th Annual State Conference will be held April 29 – May 2, 2022, at the Orlando Airport Marriott; 7499 Augusta National Drive, Orlando 32822.

An extensive agenda has been planned by President-Elect Marcus Gabriel which includes the opportunity to take one or more of ten NIAAA LTI courses, attend up to five of twenty-five breakout sessions, hear from the FHSAA during five FHSAA sessions, as well as hear from great keynote speakers.  The registration fee is $125.00 for regular members, $80.00 for retired members, and $70.00 for spouses/guests.  LTI courses are $85.00 each.

Attendees from FHSAA Sections 2 and 4 can receive FHSAA Compliance Seminar credit by registering for and attending all of the five FHSAA sessions.

Eighteen individuals will be honored at the Annual Awards Banquet and FIAAA Hall of Induction for their contributions to the FIAAA, which includes three new inductees in the FIAAA Hall of Fame.

Ten outstanding student scholar-athletes will be recognized with Mandy Stoll Scholar-Athlete Awards, including $500.00 each.

As in the past, there will be an Early Bird Golf Tournament at the Eagle Creek Golf Club held on Friday, April 29, 2022 with a shotgun start at 7:00 am.  The golf fee is $65.00 per golfer.  There will also be a Corn Hole Tournament held on Saturday, April 30, 2022.

The installation of 2022-23 executive officers will be held on Monday, May 2, 2022 along with consideration of two amendments to the FIAAA Constitution.

The NIAAA and FIAAA charitable initiative for this year is the “Make-A-Wish” foundation and your generosity is greatly appreciated in this endeavor.

The hotel rate for this year is $149.00 plus tax per night and reservations at the Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside can be done here, which includes free parking and free in-room Wi-Fi.  The last day to get this rate is April 7, 2022

The last date to register for the conference is April 22, 2022.

Go here to register.

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2021 NIAAA Scholarship Award Winner (2/18/22)

Brianna Brasko from Orlando Bishop Moore

Brianna Brasko is pictured with Bishop Moore Athlete Director Rob Wennington and her parents Robert and Annette Brasko.

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