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FIAAA Board of Directors Meeting

  • January 14, 2021 – January 16, 2021



‘At Gilman Gear we have a passion for the Game. Practice Gear is what we do! It’s who we are! We manufacture the Gear to our own exacting standards. When you buy Gilman, you are getting a company dedicated to making superior products.

We exist to advance the Game! We make the practice field a safe place, the game field a show place and game day a fun-filled “happening” place.

Good ideas make good products. That’s what Gilman Gear is all about, taking good ideas and turning them into quality products.

” Always A Step Ahead” is more than a slogan. It’s how we run our business.’

To All District Directors:

All awards nominations are due by January 10, 2022. Hard copies should be submitted to your FIAAA District Director ( Award Nomination – PDF).   We encourage everyone to nominate deserving colleagues and community members.  

New this year, we are accepting (and encouraging) electronic submission of nominations (Google Form).   The link for the electronic form is below.  Next year, we will move to paperless nominations only.

Lauren C. Otero, CMAA

Honest Game

As a leading on-demand academic compliance solution, Honest Game helps high school Athletic Directors and Counselors ensure their schools and student-athletes are complying with the complex and changing NCAA & NAIA requirements to play college athletics.

We’re thrilled to introduce Honest Game and their first-of-its-kind technology to FIAAA members. By automating the burdensome process of navigating NCAA compliance and academic eligibility, members can save time, drive student learning outcomes, and mitigate risk by ensuring all of their students have a step-by-step plan to meet requirements.

As you know, many students have a desire to play collegiate sports, while others are unsure. When the undecided student-athlete makes a decision to play, sometimes they are ineligible during their freshman year in college because they have not met the necessary academic requirements.

In addition, we also know of student-athletes that have fallen through the cracks. Athletic administrators are busy. There is only so much time in the day and the FIAAA sees this as a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our dedication to our student’s academic progress first, then our passion for co-curricular programs. We see this program as a way to expand on what your counselors and coaches are presently doing in school.

If you have questions or want immediate information, please feel free to contact Ricky Starck at (312) 847-1817 or  Otherwise, you can learn more at