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Message From The Executive Director

Message From The Executive Director

Fellow Athletic Administrators,

I’d like to welcome you to another school year. Time flies as it seems like we just finished another great Athletic Director’s Conference in May. I trust everyone had a restful summer and has had an opportunity to recharge their batteries for another successful year. As school has started for most of us and fall sports have been in full swing for a few weeks, I’d like to wish everyone great success this year.

As you know, the landscape of interscholastic athletics is forever changing and it seems as we figure out how to navigate one obstacle another one pops up. With that said, Athletic Administrators, coaches and athletes are used to overcoming adversity and challenges in order to achieve success.

I encourage everyone to continue to be the positive voice in leading your teams, coaches and community. I appreciate and respect the job you do day in and day out to represent High School Athletics in the state of Florida.

Please know the FIAAA is your professional association and we are here for you. Your FIAAA Board of Directors will be working hard this year to serve the needs of our Athletics Administrators which will, once again, culminate with our annual conference in May 2023.

This years’ conference will be held at a new venue that we are extremely excited about (more to come on this). Please remember that if you have any questions or need any assistance throughout the year, please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or any of our board of directors. As time permits in your daily routines, I’d like to encourage you to visit our website at

In closing, we need to stay focused and diligent in leading our athletic departments while making it as safe as possible for our student-athletes, coaches and fans.

I hope everyone has a great school year!

Andy Chiles

FIAAA Executive Director

Your Impact As An Educator is TREMENDOUS. Be a Mr. Jensen!

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December 9th-13th, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee

Message From The President

Message From The President

Greetings to Florida Athletic Administrators,

It is without a doubt that all of us are in full swing for another school year (2022-23). Another year of great and exciting events that have been planned and are being implemented daily. I am here to WELCOME YOU TO A NEW SCHOOL YEAR!!!

Looking forward to beginning this school year where new adventures begin, being full of energy and committed to being the best. We are charged with leading our programs, building relationships with our student-athletes, the parents, and our community. My hope is that we all have an amazing year and to allow an environment, which develops self-discipline, teamwork, character, leadership with a sense of fair play. So, let’s get our student-athletes re-engaged today and get the future leaders of tomorrow ready.

Check out our website ( for updated information within our great state. If you have not attended the State Conference in May in Orlando, make plans to attend this school year. You will be glad that you made that choice, as you will begin increasing your professional networking group.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the officers and directors listed on our website. What an honor it is to be part of such a great organization with such unselfish and caring people.

Marcus Gabriel

FIAAA President

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Message from The President Elect

Message from The President-Elect

Welcome back, FIAAA Members!

Hard to believe that August has returned so quickly and that we are in the process of getting our schools and athletic programs ready for competition. The fall is always an exciting time as we welcome back Friday Night Lights, Homecoming events, and the chase for championships!

In all of this, I can only hope that each of you have taken the time to rest and realign over the summer in anticipation of the start of the school year. As athletic administrators, often times the focus on our own needs can get lost as we prepare our schools, facilities, coaches, student-athletes and communities for the upcoming seasons. It’s important to remember that our well-being and mental health should be a part of our planning. As we get started with this very busy and exciting time, please be sure to take the time that you need to focus on yourself professionally and personally.

As President Elect for the FIAAA this year, it is my absolute pleasure to invite all of you to this year’s 45th Annual FIAAA Conference in Orlando this upcoming May. We are moving to a new facility this year and I’m thrilled to create a thoughtful and meaningful program for our state of Florida Athletic Directors in this new space. Please plan to join us at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista South from May 4th to May 9th, 2023.

Wishing all of you a safe and wonderful start to the school year!

Valerie Miyares

President Elect

Fall Sports AD Checklist

  • Schedule Coaches Welcome Back Meeting
  • Cover Emergency Action Plan (by state statute, all coaches must be notified of every AED location and must sign acknowledging they have been notified. (sign in sheet works best)- Best practice would be to go through an emergency scenario so coaches can see the plan in action
  • Review Athletic Department Handbook with expectations
    • This includes informing coaches about the Zachary Martin Act and it’s details (Wet Bulb, AED’s, Certifications, Cold Tub, etc)
  • Transportation updates and expectations
  • NFHS Certifications
    • Sudden Heat Illness
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    • Concussions in Sport
  • Non Traditional Student FHSAA Update (EL6 procss)
  • Safety and Security Reminders
    • Locking gates, Locking doors, Securing equipment, etc
  • Update Coaches Contact Information
  • Ensure that ALL Fall Sports student athletes have met age eligibility requirements. If the student athlete turned 19 before July 1st, they are ineligible and you must go to sectional appeals to request eligibility. (9.6.1 High School Age Limit. A student who reaches the age of 19 prior to July 1st shall become permanently ineligible. Middle School Age 15 by July 1st)
  • Test your scoreboard, lights, concession stand power, etc for Fall Sports (Football, Volleyball, Cross Country)
  • Walk your facility and take note of any hazards (submit work orders for these ASAP)
  • Update school web page with coaches’ contact information, physical info, clearance info, tryout dates, etc.
  • Get with your school based SRO/police and schedule coverage for security
  • Make sure all fall sport coaches have successfully completed the following courses (be sure to file certificates):
    • NFHS Sudden Cardiac
    • NFHS Heat Illness
    • NFHS Concussion
    • All courses can be found at
  • Game administrator coverage schedule with your administration team for fall sports
  • Fall schedules fully uploaded in HomeCampus
  • Advise winter sport head coaches to update their schedules in HomeCampus
  • Begin forming Athletic Leadership Council

Robinson wins Bruce D. Whitehead Distinguished Service Award

Robinson wins Bruce D. Whitehead Distinguished Service Award

Congratulations to Lanness Robinson, CMAA who will receive a Bruce D. Whitehead Distinguished Service Award in December at the National Athletic Directors Conference! The Distinguished Service Award is presented annually for interscholastic athletic accomplishments!

CMAA? CAA? What does that mean?

Did you know that the NIAAA (National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association) provides professional curriculum for athletic administrators to obtain a professional designation in the world of interscholastic athletics? You have the ability to earn certifications like CMAA (Certified Master Athletic Administrator) and CAA (Certified Athletic Administrator) and much more through the NIAAA!

I encourage you to go to and click on the professional development tab – then click on certification and then scroll down to see the various levels of certification available. You can also see the tremendous collection of LTC’s (Leadership Training Courses) that you can take through our FIAAA Conference, through an NIAAA webinar, or through several online university providers. Each course is a tremendous learning experience on its own merit, and collectively, they lead to certification through the NIAAA.

You can also email or phone me if you have questions about certification as well as our Florida LTC Coordinator, Dan Talbot of the Polk Co. School District. I am here to help you, I hope you have a great year and a great career as an athletic administrator in Florida!

Please feel free to contact our NIAAA State Coordinators at the info below:

Dan Talbot, CMAA

Polk County Schools in Bartow, FL


Scott Drabczyk CMAA, M.Ed

Director of Athletics

Horizon High School

Get Certified and Go FIAAA!

Newsletter Content Submissions!

Have something to put into the newsletter?

Have something to put into the newsletter?

Greetings FIAAA family,

As the creator of The FIAAA Monthly Memo and Newsletter, I welcome you to feel free to contact me if you have information that you would like to be included in the monthly memo/newsletter.

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Have a great school year!


John Sgromolo

County Athletic Director

Clay County District Schools

FIAAA Public Relations Committee Chairman


Florida Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

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