FIAAA Strategic Plans

In May of 2007, the FIAAA Board of Directors authorized a special committee to develop an FIAAA five year strategic plan.  The first FIAAA Strategic Plan was completed and successfully implemented in July of 2009 through August 2014.

The second FIAAA Strategic Plan (2014-2019) was completed and implementation began in September 2014 through May 2019.

The third FIAAA Strategic Plan (2019-2024) was completed and approved on May 6, 2019 and will continue into 2024.

Planning for the fourth FIAAA Strategic Plan {2024-2029) is now underway, Past President Lauren Otero (2018-19) at the helm as the General Chair and with Vice President Jay Getty as the Finance Subcommittee Chair, President-Elect Eric Lape as the Programs Subcommittee Chair and District 3 Director John Sgromolo as the Operations Subcommittee Chair.

Copies of each plan can be obtained at the links found below.