Wayne Taylor Distinguished Service Award


This award is presented to honor any member of the Florida Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association for meritorious service to the organization or to interscholastic athletics.  There are no restrictions on the number of nominations made from each district.  The Awards and Recognition Committee will select the recipient(s) for the award from the list of nominees presented from the districts.

Nominations for this award are done through FinalForms.

The FIAAA is proud to announce the 2023 recipient of the Wayne Taylor Distinguished Service Award:

Scott Drabczyk, CMAA

Wayne Taylor Distinguished Service Award Recipient, Scott Drabczyk, CMAA, Athletic Director from Horizon High School, with FIAAA Executive Director Andy Chiles, CMAA and FIAAA President Marcus Gabriel


Previous Recipients

Name of Recipient – Recognition Year and Conference City
Valerie Miyares, CAA – 2018 Orlando
Lori Nelson, CAA – 2019 Orlando
Mark Feely – 2021 Orlando
Dylan Mobley – 2022 Orlando

*Prior to 2018, the award was the FIAAA Meritorious Service Award – the following were recognized as indicated
Name of Recipient(s) – Recognition Year and Conference City
Holland Alpin, Cooper Means, and Wayne Taylor – 1988 Orlando
Joe Tatol – 1989 Marco Island
Lee Perry, Larry Slay, and Willie Speed – 1990 Tampa
Erv Ibach – 1991 Ft. Lauderdale
Chuck Holland, Robert Piero – 1993 Tampa
Donna Blumer, CAA and Joel Furnari – 1994 Deerfield Beach
Max Bilinski – 1996 Greenlefe
Cheryl Golden – 1999 Clearwater
Charlie McBride – 2000 Tampa
Vernon Korhn and Don Bridges – 2001 Ft. Lauderdale
Chuck Holland and Wayne Taylor, CAA – 2002 Naples
Michael Colby, CMAA – 2003 Orlando
Vernon Korhn – 2004 Naples
Trish Highland, CAA and E. Michael Stutzke, CMAA – 2005 Orlando
Vic Cappillo – 2006 Daytona Beach
John Messina – 2009 Orlando
Rita Souza – 2014 Orlando
Russell Wambles, CMAA – 2015 Orlando
Jay Rader, CAA – 2016 Orlando
Nick Grasso – 2017 Orlando