NIAAA Certification Program

About the Program

The NIAAA Certification Program is a voluntary professional service to athletic administrators and is based on the premises of continuing education, professional growth and program development in the vocation of interscholastic athletic administration. It recognizes and incorporates the professional development opportunities provided by the Leadership Training Institute. The attainment of professional certification demonstrates the completion of a comprehensive plan for self-improvement that will enhance the ability of the athletic administrator to better serve the school, community and profession.

The NIAAA became a member of the National Certification Commission in October 1995 in an effort to stay abreast of information pertinent to the Certification Program on a national scope.

On October 26, 2001, the NIAAA Certification Program was granted “full registration” by the National Certification Commission recognizing the NIAAA Certification Program as one meeting the commissions rigid standards of excellence.

Certification Objectives

The NIAAA certification program objectives are:

  • To promote the professional standards, practices and ethics of athletic administration
  • To encourage administrator self-assessment by offering guidelines for achievement
  • To improve administrator performance by encouraging participation in a continuing program of professional growth and development
  • To identify levels of educational training essential for effective athletic administration
  • To foster professional contributions to the field
  • To maximize the benefits received by the school community from the leadership provided by certified athletic administrators

Certification Benefits

  • Develops a sense of personal and professional satisfaction
  • Demonstrates a commitment to excellence in the profession
  • Provides growth of professional knowledge and expertise
  • Enhances the perception of the profession
  • Increases the potential for employment opportunities or incentives
  • Participation in a nationally registered certification program

For more information on how to get certified, click here.

You can also contact one of the FIAAA LTI & Certification Coordinators

Scott Drabczyk, CMAA
Flagler Palm Coast High School
(386) 437-7540

Lanness Robinson, CMAA
Hillsborough County Public Schools
(813) 273-7536

Dan Talbot, CMAA
Polk County Public Schools
(863) 661-0647